Mistika project shortcut

This might seem useless to some of you, but if you’re like me, you easily get tired of doing the same things over again. Like browsing to your project directory outside Mistika because the built-in file manager ain’t always enough.

The solution is simply an intelligent link to your current project. I have one for the Mistika machine, and one for my Windows machine.

This first one should work on both SUSE10 and SUSE11. Just untar it on you desktop, and it should work.
Active Mistika Project for SUSE10/11

The Windows version requires some configuration. First of all, you must be able to access your Mistika projects directory, preferably through samba.
You can use either \\host\share\folder\ or map your projects directory as a network drive so that it gets a drive letter, like P:\
The first time you run the tool, you’ll need to set it up. To reset settings, you simply delete the .CFG files.
Here are the settings I use against my Mistika laptop:

Mistika machine IP address/hostname: hermes
Projects root folder (ending with backslash): \\hermes\PROJECTS\
Optional subfolder (starting with backslash. Can be left empty): \IMPORT
User (preferably ‘mistika’, but you can also use ‘root’ if you expirience problems): root
root password: ********

Active Mistika Project for Windows

If you use multiple Mistika systems, you can copy the files to multiple folders.

As usual, please let me know if you run into problems with these.

PS: I found a bug causing the settings to be corrupt if no subfolder was chosen on setup of the Windows version. The link is now updated.
To reset the subfolder setting, delete SUBFOLDER.CFG.


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