EMP 0.3 update

EMP (the Efficient Mistika Project) is collection of tools to ease daily work and speed up repetitive tasks.

The release candidate for EMP 0.3 is out. Get it <a href=”http://gravityeyelids.com/emp/emp_0.3rc1.tgz”>here</a>, and enjoy the following tools:



If your Mistika machine is connected to the internet, you can just paste the following lines to a terminal as your regular user:

cd ~
wget http://gravityeyelids.com/emp/emp_0.3rc1.tgz
tar xvzf emp_0.3rc1.tgz


In plain english:

  1. Get the EMP 0.3 tarball here
  2. Extract to a permanent location
  3. RunĀ EMP/Tools/empSetup_SLED11 (as your regular mistika user – ergo not as root)

Youd should now have an EMP button in your Extras panel, and some new scripts in the render panel.


Batch Import

Takes multiple audio, video and/or image files via. drag’n’drop, and imports them to the current project, under a subdir called EMP.

Convert for Mistika

Converts video and audio files to formats known to work in Mistika. Drag’n’drop.

EMP Conform

Takes a Final Cut XML, converts it to a Mistika timeline (.env) and relinks media. Works with standard video files (from DSLRS), P2 and XDCAM.

EMP Setup SLED11

Run this to install or refresh scripts.

Filter Clips

Will filter a selection of clips by clip name: Copy the selection to the clipboard, launch this script and then paste when it’s done.

In Other Projects

Will look for references to this project in all other projects, so you can know if it’s safe to delete this project without screwing up another one.

JS Clean

This will check all .js files for the project against .env files in the projects DATA folder (subfolders are not checked) and move every file not in use to a trash folder. The default path is a folder called trash in your JS folder, but this can be changed in ~/.emp/emp.py


Will report the peak level of a selected audio clip.

Project Transfer

Let’s you copy out whole Mistika (and other) projects without packing and compressing, and then (optionally) remove the local files once it’s done.

For using those archives later on, it has a feature called ”Link in”, which basically creates links so it appears the project is still online, while it’s actually reading from the archive location (preferably an external HDD).

Custom folders to back up can be define in the top of the script.

rnd Lookup

Will try to look up .rnd files for selected render clip in a timeline. If found, it will be copied to the clipboard.


Let’s you swap main/aux1/aux3 timecode tracks for clips.

Trace Links

Will trace the links for a selected clip in a Mistika timeline step by step to find out where the actual file is stored. Just test it. Nothing scary about this one.

Zero pad

Adds zero padding to numbered sequences in one or more folders. Drag’n’drop the folder it self, or use it’s built-in selection dialog.

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