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There’s an app for that

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

We recently installed two Projectiondesign cineo32 projectors at Hocus Focus, and the lamps in these need to be on for about an hour before the light stabilizes, which means you have to keep them turned on during the night if you’re coming in to start grading first thing in the morning.

When reading the documentation of the projectors, I was surprised to find remote control support over IP, and when I mentioned it to my colleague Shanon, he said the best thing would have been an iPhone app.
I think it was more of a joke from his side, but I took it as a challenge and decided to make it.

Technically, it’s a web app hosted on an in-house web server, which communicates with the projectors via. simple socket connections. It’s not very complex in any ways, but it sure will save hours on the lamps.

I can’t, for obvious reasons give you access to the app, but if you want to do something similar for your own facility, just send me an email. There’s an app for that.